KT Unlimited LTE (Passport)

Anyone can sign up!

  • 4G LTE
  • 37 minutes / 100 texts
  • Unlimited data for 30 days at a speed of up to 5Mbps!
  • Monthly ₩36,300
  • Monthly ₩33,000

Required Documents

1. Identification card required(Passport)

2. A verification selfie with your passport and a white paper which has your signature and PTSK registration date.
    (hold both your passport and a white paper)

3. Subscriber's own address and delivery address to receive the SIM card.
    (you can attach a photo of your delivery address in Hangeul)

4. Contact information for registration confirmation and delivery.

* If you provide the SIM card registration to a third party, you may suffer serious damage and illegal action due to personal information leakage, so please extra cautious to avoid any financial damages or frauds.

General Information

[Information of the PTSK Plan]
- Unlimited LTE data (5Mbps) for 30 days.
- Data Tethering (Mobile Hotspot) is available - recommended for 1 device
- Call within 11,000원 limit (4.4원/sec) and SMS (110원/SMS)

[How To Use the SIM Card]
* The SIM card will be active for 30days after inserting into a device.
 (ex. 1/15 17:30 (SIM Card Insertion) -> 2/14 17:30)
* If you provide the SIM card registration to a third party, you may suffer damages due to personal information leakage.
* The validity of the SIM card can be extended if you recharge it through thePAY app. The recharge will be automatically processed on thePAY after you make a payment. (However, the SIM card needs to be recharged in advance within 30 days before it expires).

[How to Recharge]
1. Install "thePAY" app.
2. Click "Prepaid Monthly Plan Recharge".
3. Enter your PTSK number.
4. Check the recharge amount "PTSK-KT".
5. Click the "RECHARGE" button and proceed to make a payment.
You will also earn Bonus Points after the transaction is complete.

[Customer Support]
Feel free to get in touch with our customer service for any further assistance.
☎ 010-5036-0595 / 010-2803-0595 (English)

[Delivery Information]
- SIM card registration placed before 1 p.m. will be delivered on the same day (expect weekends and holidays).

- The SIM card will be delivered by LOGEN(로젠택배) and it may take about 2-3 working days. (However, delivery may be delayed depending on certain factors, including the location.

- If you have any inquiries regarding the SIM card delivery, please check it on LOGEN(로젠택배) website or contact the LOGEN(로젠택배) customer center directly.

[Cancellation and Refund Regulations]
- Cancellation is possible before delivery, and exchanges or returns are not possible after the delivery has been processed.
- Please insert the SIM card as soon as you receive it and recharge it in advance if you intend to use it more than 30 days.
- Refunds are not possible due to failure to refer o the SIM card registration's terms and conditions.
- Refunds are not possible if the SIM card cannot be activated due to the expiration of its validity period.
- If the terminal or the SIM card is defective, please contact our customer service center.
 (In case of customer negligence, the customer is liable for any repair charges and SIM card replacement).
  • Monthly ₩36,300
  • Monthly ₩33,000

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