• Q) Can I sign up as a foreigner?

    Yes. Once you complete the identity verification & authentication procedure you can sign up for a  USIM. You can choose "Any One" among the following methods for verification:

    + Bank A/c verification: 1 won will be deposited to the provided bank account.
    + Joint Certificate: Naver/PASS/Toss/Payco
    + Credit card (no debit cards)


  • Q) Can I still proceed with changing my telecom/plan if the number authentication process fails?

    You can request for authentication only five times a day.

    You will not be able to proceed with switching your  telecom/carrier/plan if the error in the authentication process exceeds 5 times on a particular day.

    At such, you have to wait until the following day to request authentication and then proceed with the transfer process.

  • Q) How do I apply and register for a USIM ?

    1. Go to  QQ010 homepage.

    2. Choose a plan.

    3. Sign up and Log in .

    4. Fill out the application form.

    5. Receive Verification Call from our Customer service.

    6. USIM is shipped to user.

    - Koreans. ( Transferring numbers only) -  USIM are shipped without activation.

    - Foreigner: (Prepaid/postpaid. - New number/Number Transfer) -  USIM is shipped after registration & activation.

    7. Receive USIM & use.

    - Koreans. - Contact customer center to request registration & activation of number after receiving USIM.

    - Foreigner: You can use the USIM straight away by inserting it into device.

  • Q) Can someone else use the USIM that I have registered to?

    A USIM that has been registered under your name cannot be assigned to someone else. It is a medium of personal identification and verification. We suggest you refrain from sharing it with someone else.

  • Q) Can I keep using my existing USIM when I change my number to a different telecom/carrier/plan ?

    A USIM registered under a specific Telecom/Carrier/Plan can only be used for that particular Telecom/Carrier and in most cases that specific plan. You cannot use that same USIM when you are switching  the plan value/ telecom or carrier of your number. When doing so you will get a new USIM from that particular plan issued by the given Carrier/Telecom company.

  • Q) Will I still be able to use discounts, mileages or point services offered by my existing company even after I change the telecom?

    When the number is transferred to a new network, all the applied benefits received from the previous carrier will be dissolved. You will only be eligible for benefits and services offered by the new company.

  • Q) Do I need to terminate the services from my existing telecom first if I want to change the telecom/plan?

    When you apply for a transfer, the services associated with your number in the existing telecom will be automatically terminated and shifted to the new company (Telecom/Carrier).

    Please "DO NOT " apply for termination of number with your existing telecom.

    If you apply for termination, this will delete your number and you will not be able to use it later on. 

  • Q) Can I keep my number and only change the Telecom/Carrier company or plan amount?

    Yes. You can use the number as you have with your existing carrier -both prepaid & postpaid and only change the Plan amount/ Telecom/Carrier company  (excluding number starting with 011, 016, 017, 018, 019 ). However, there are conditions that apply for transfers. You must contact the customer service and confirm this before proceeding. 

  • Q) How will I be charged if I sign up at the end of the month?

    If you sign up for a Postpaid number. the charges are calculated on a daily rate basis from the date of registration. (Additional services are also charged on a daily basis.) You will receive bill accordingly.

    In case of Prepaid Sims, depending on the type and plan amount, you need to top-up  every 30 days. 

  • Q) How is the call quality like with MVNOs (알뜰폰)?

    MVNO (알뜰폰) companies operate by renting out communication networks,and services  from MNO companies (SK/KT/LGU+). There is no difference in quality between MNO and MVNO ( 알뜰폰) company products.

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