Prepaid 15GB+

+3Mbps Unlimited

  • KT EG Mobile
  • 4G LTE
  • 100
  • 15GB tugagandan so'ng +3Mbps tezlikda cheksiz
  • Oyiga ₩39,600
  • Oyiga ₩39,600

Ro'yxatdan o'tish uchun zarur ma'lumotlar

1. Ro'yxatdan o'tish uchun ID karta kerak

2. Shaxsni tasdiqlash uchun o'z nomingizda bo'lgan telefon raqam bo'lishi kerak. (Boshqa shaxs nomidagi raqam qabul qilinmaydi)

3. Shaxsiy manzilingiz va yetkazib berish manzili(manzil yozilgan matn rasmini yuklash mumkin)

4. Boshqa tarifga yoki operatorga o'tish uchun kerakli ma'lumotlar :
+Xozirgi aloqa operatoringiz (SK/KT/LG/알뜰폰(Operatoringizni tanlang)
+ Operatorni aniqlash uchun 114 ga qo'ng'iroq qiling
+ Raqamni tekshirish usuli
(SIM -kartaning oxirgi 4 raqami / mobil telefoningizni seriya raqami / raqamga to'lov qilinganda foydalanilgan Bank karta yoki bank hisobi-raqamining oxirgi 4ta soni / va boshqalar)

5. Linephone Sim kartasiga ulanish uchun
+ Avtomatik to'lov uchun o'z nomingizdagi bank hisob kitobchasi rasmi kerak bo'ladi.

6. Shaxsni tasdiqlash:
+ Bank hisob-raqam orqali: 1₩ bank hisob-raqamingizga tasdiqlash kodi bilan yuboriladi
+ Dasturlar orqali: Naver/PASS/Toss/Hanpass
+ Kredit karta orqali (Faqatgina kredit kartalar)

7. Yetkazib berish va ro'yxatdan o'tish ma'lumotini tekshirish uchun kontakt raqamingiz.

Ro'yxatdan o'tishda tekshirish kerak bo'lgan ma'lumotlar

■Available terminal
- LTE terminal customer

■Rate for exceeding the basic offer
- Voice call 1.98 won/sec. Video call 3.3 won/sec
- SMS 22 won/gun, LMS 33 won/gun, MMS 220 won/gun
- Data 22.53 won/MB

■Basic Guide
- It will be provided once a month as of the first subscription date of each month. (For subscribers after the 28th, the "basic supply" will be provided as of the 28th.)
- If the basic supply is exceeded, it will be overcharged from the charging balance according to the excess rate.
- If the balance of charge is exhausted, the use will be suspended even if the basic supply remains.
(e.g., after 100 minutes of basic voice calls are exhausted, additional voice calls are used from the remaining balance (deductible by excess rate) and the charging balance is exhausted,
Even if the basic amount of text and data remains, stop using it)

■Scope of basic provision - It is limited to - domestic voice calls for personal calls, not for commercial purposes, and mobile phones (identification number: 010,011,016,017,018,019),
It is limited to wired phones (region number 02,051,031, etc.) and Internet phones (070) for each of the 17 bands.
- If it falls under, it will be charged from the charging balance as much as used.
1. Additional currency (domestic video call, national representative number (1588, 1577,1899,1666, etc.), TRS (013), personal number service (050)
2. International phone calls, information usage fee paid additional service, recipient burden (collect call), KT114 direct connection fee and call fee, and KT114 phone number guidance service
- The basic benefits of text messages apply to short messages (SMS), long messages (LMS), and multimail (MMS).

■When the period of use expires or the balance of charge is exhausted
- If the expiration of the period of use or the balance of charge is exhausted, it cannot be used even if the "basic supply" remains.
- If there is no recharging within 3 days (D+3) from the date of use (D) or the date of exhaustion of the charge balance (D), it may be ex officio terminated.

■Precautions for Service Use
- In order to suppress illegal and commercial outgoing acts and to prevent the spread of damage accordingly, in the following cases,
ou can limit basic benefits and charge or block normal fees for use from the time limit.
*Restriction on the basic provision of wired and wireless voice inside and outside the network
1. In the case where a voice call exceeding 600 minutes per day is sent more than three times a month
2. If the monthly voice call exceeds 6,000 minutes
3. If the voice call destination exceeds 1,000 lines per month
*Limits on the basic provision of text messages
1. In the case of sending more than 500 text messages a day
2. In the case of sending more than 150 text messages per month more than 10 times a month
3. Text messages are used for commercial purposes, such as sending advertising spam messages, or physical devices or automatic sending programs
In the case of use (the destination exceeds 3,000 lines per month)
  • Oyiga ₩39,600
  • Oyiga ₩39,600

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