Paket Sepuasnya 1GB+

+1Mbps Unlimited

  • KT U+ Umobile
  • 4G LTE
  • Unlimited
  • Per bulan ₩25,300
  • Per bulan ₩9,900
Buat sim sangat mudah Hanya ikuti langkah ini Konsultasi dalam Bahasa Indonesia Tidak Perlu Khawatir

Dokumen yang diperlukan

1. Registrasi hanya dapat diproses dengan kartu ID Korea yang masih aktif. (Warga Korea: Kartu Penduduk/ Surat Izin Mengemudi)

2. Nomor telepon diperlukan untuk verifikasi diri. (Nomor telepon harus atas nama Anda sendiri)

3. Alamat penerima kartu usim. (Jika kesulitan dengan Hangeul, dapat kirimkan foto alamat tempat tinggal)

4. Catatan jika Anda ingin pindah operator
+ Anda harus mengetahui nama operator (SK/KT/LG/ Prabayar (Pilih nama perusahan operator)yang Anda pakai.
+ Jika tidak mengetahui nama operator, hubungi 114
+ Autentikasi untuk pindah operator
(4 digit nomor kartu usim yang paling belakang/ 4 digit nomor serial ponsel yang paling belakang/지로납부/4 digit no. rekening yang paling belakang)

5. Buat kartu pascaprabayar
+ Foto kopi buku tabungan diperlukan

6. Verifikasi Diri
+ Verifikasi Rekening: Masukkan nama pengirim 1 Won yang terdapat di riwayat tabungan Anda.
+ Sertifikat Terintegrasi : Naver/PASS/TOSS/PAYCO
+ Verifikasi dengan Kartu ATM Kredit (Debit X)

7.Nomor telepon yang dapat dihubungi (masih aktif)

Catatan sebelum mendaftar

※ Terms of use of the rate plan
[Prepaid flat-rate band plan information]
- If you sign up for a prepaid flat-rate band plan, you can freely charge and use any of the 9 types of band tickets every month.
- If the basic supply is exhausted within the validity period (30 days), it can be used additionally by charging it with a regular ticket (10,000/20,000/30,000/50,000).
- If you additionally charge the band ticket type (same ticket type or different ticket type) within the validity period (30 days), the amount is carried over to the next month and can be used after the expiration of the validity period of the previously charged ticket type.
- The validity period (period of use) of the band flat rate plan is 30 days, and if it is not charged within 90 days from the day after the expiration of the period of use, it may be canceled ex officio.
※ Individual information regarding band data 15G+ plan
O In the case of the basic amount of voice provided, 1 second of audio per second of additional call is deducted, and 1.66 seconds of audio per second of video call is deducted
O In the case of the basic amount of text provided, within the limit of KRW 2,200, SMS 22 KRW/case, text-type MMS KRW 33/case, and multimedia-type MMS KRW 110/case can be used
※ Other information

* Basic provision: Domestic voice calls for general interpersonal use, not for commercial purposes, mobile phones, landline phones for 17 bands, and internet calls (070)
* Additional calls: domestic video calls, national representative numbers (1588, 1577, 1899, 1666, etc.), TRS (013), individual number service (050)
* Hotspots and tethering cannot be used other than the basic provided amount.
* mvoip: It can be used only within the basic amount provided, and cannot be used in the general ticket type and Qos environment.
* International calls: International calls are not supported. (Scheduled to be available in March, 21)
* M-wifi: Available for free during the band flat rate plan. (Sign up separately when you sign up)
* Additional services: You cannot subscribe to paid additional services for this plan.
* Recharge method: Virtual account, automatic debit charge, credit card (WEB), chargeable * Charge cancellation is absolutely impossible except on the day.
* Check balance and recharge virtual account :

[Prepaid flat-rate band rate plan general ticket rate information]
-Voice call 4.4 won/sec, video call 8.8 won/sec
-SMS 22 won/case, LMS 33 won/case, MMS 110 won/case
-Data 0.011 won/0.5KB
※ Charging the plan
- Charge plan can be recharged by automatic account transfer (requires application), virtual account transfer (deposit not through bankbook), and visiting a store.
- Charge cancellation is absolutely impossible except on the same day
- Upon cancellation, the charge amount is non-refundable.
- If you do not recharge by the expiration date, the phone number assigned after 90 days may be terminated ex officio.
※Information on the period of use
- Period of use: 30 days
- Receiving period: period of use + 10 days
- Cell phone number maintenance period: Receiving period + 80 days
※ Information on restrictions on use
- In order to prevent spam, commercial use, or excessive use, normal fees may be charged or use may be suspended in the following cases. (Non-refundable upon suspension)
· When the number of voice calls exceeding 600 minutes per day exceeds 3 times per month (video calls are counted as 1.66 times the volume of voice)
When the volume of voice calls exceeds 6,000 minutes per month (video calls are calculated as 1.66 times the volume of voice calls)
When the number of destinations for voice/video calls exceeds 1,000 lines (total) per month
When the number of text messages used exceeds 150 per day and 10 times per month
When the number of text messages used exceeds 500 per day
If the number of text message recipients exceeds 2,000 per month
· If spam, commercial use, excessive use, etc. occur repeatedly
In case of violation of other terms and conditions (sending through a physical device, renting to a third party, etc.)
Main Information
1. New signup
When you sign up for a new subscription, it will be opened with a 010 number, and you can select the last 4 digits of your desired number.
Customers with unpaid overdue charges cannot join Merchant Korea. (Available to join a third party overdue)
2. Number movement
This is a case of changing only the carrier with the same number you are using.
Customers using 011, 016, 017, 018, 019 numbers will change to 010 numbers when moving numbers. Customers with unpaid overdue bills from other telecommunication service providers are not eligible to join. Number portability is possible only after 3 months after new opening (or name change).
It is not possible to sign up for number portability of a number that has already been canceled.
For iPhone, please enter other items except the mobile phone serial number in the number portability verification field of the subscription application. (Numbers only)
3. Terminal
Subscription available terminal: LG exclusive terminal, 3 company compatible terminals (terminals released after 2015)
Terminals that cannot be opened: Some third-party terminals, foreign-made terminals, lost, stolen, leased, paused phones
  • Per bulan ₩25,300
  • Per bulan ₩9,900

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