USIM 9GB+ (thePAY Point)

thePAY 17,950 Point x 7 Months

+1Mbps Unlimited

  • LG U+ Umobile
  • 4G LTE
  • 500
  • Monthly ₩39,400
  • Monthly ₩17,950
The registration is easy Just follow the steps in order Welcome to Inquiry Don' worry

Required Documents

1.Individual's ID required (Alien Registration Card/Resident Registration Card/Driver's License)

2. Phone number registered under the individual's name is required for authentication (number's registered under third party is not allowed)

3. Individual's address and delivery address
( a picture containing the address in Korean can be attached)

4. Prerequisites when changing numbers to a different plan/telecom :
+Existing Telecom (SK/KT/LG/알뜰폰(Select telecom operator)
+ Call 114 to confirm telecom and carrier
+ Authentication method
(Last 4 digits of your handphone Serial Number(일련번호 ) / 요Last 4 digits of bank account no. / Last 4 digits of Credit/Debit card / Authentication by default)

5. For Post-Paid number registration
+ A copy of the bank book registered under the individual's name is needed for automatic bank payment.

6. User Identity Verification:
+ Bank Account Verification: Verification code along with 1Won deposit will be sent to the given bank account .Should have access to online banking.
+ Certificate Verification: Naver/PASS/Toss/Payco
+ Credit card Verification (Debit card not allowed)

7. Contact number for delivery and registration confirmation.
  • Monthly ₩39,400
  • Monthly ₩17,950

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